So pretty, a great surprise for me today.

Mallard 2.Brandy Unruh

In Flight

I had the afternoon off today and decided to take a me day, to do something I really love to do.  I hit my favourite trail, brought my camera and was surprised to see 2 Geese & 1 Mallard considering there was so much snow and the pond is nearly frozen.  I got lost in the moment trying to capture stills of nature being nature.

In Flight.Brandy Unruh


For Macy

Handcrafted incorporating a genuine Amethyst gemstone bead, sterling & fine silver, oxidized & polished to give it an “Vintiqued” finish.

I’ve been playing around with photo shop to try to brighten my picture.  My light box needs a little adjusting :)

Handcrafted Pendant for Macy.

Handcrafted Pendant for Macy.

Amethyst Pendant

I am quite excited to post this picture.  I have made this as a surprise for my friend’s daughter Macy.  It is to celebrate her birthday by incorporating her birthstone, Amethyst, for February.

The pendant is adorned with a genuine Amethyst gemstone bead, the frame has been soldered and accented with a fine silver intricate Wrap.  The entire pendant has been oxidized and polished to leave a “Vintique” finish.

I am going to ship this tomorrow – I hope she loves it!


Black Beach Glass – Lake Ontario & Lake Erie

I am super excited to announce my jewellery studio is finally set up.  I am ready to sit down & create.  I am also excited to share my new found love for beach glass, more so the elusive black beach glass.

My husband and I have been researching and treasure hunting for months seeking this elusive glass.  Black beach glass comes from old medicine, olive oil and liquor bottles dating back to as early as the 1700’s.  My friend joined me a couple of weeks ago.  She found the first piece of black beach glass for our collection.  My husband and I went out yesterday and found a couple more pieces.

I am fascinated with finding all beach glass, more specifically black.  It’s very challenging as it looks like a black rock, but has very unique characteristics making it stand out to the trained eye.  It is black in regular lighting, and olive, brown, or deep purple when backlit.

Visit often, I will be posting new pieces soon incorporating beach glass from Lake Ontario & Lake Erie.

Lake Ontario Black beach glass - very elusive - looks like a black rock in regular lighting

Lake Ontario Black beach glass – very elusive – looks like a black rock in regular lighting

Lake Ontario Black beach glass - backlit - Olive in colour

Lake Ontario Black beach glass – backlit – Olive in colour

Working on Design Room / Studio

After a very long, stressful and trying year, I am all moved into my new house.  I absolutely love living in the country, it’s our stepping stone to moving up north.

With that being said, I am ready to paint and set up my design room/jewellery studio.  I’m hoping to be all set up within a couple of weeks so I can start designing and making jewellery. 

Visit often, I will be posting a new piece very soon.



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